Thursday, December 30, 2010


Tuesday morning Griffin got 4 teeth pulled out!!  His two front teeth and two extra ones (one still was up in his gums)  The dentist said he did great, and I asked Griffin if it hurt and he said no!  He got a couple stiches where the extra tooth was that they had to dig out of his gums.  He was crabby once we got home, which the dentist had warned me after the medicines start wearing off sometimes they get cranky.  But besides that he did great!  Grant took the day off of work to help out which was really nice! All in all I don't think Griffin thought it was all that bad to lose his teeth because the tooth fairy came!   I know this second picture looks pretty bad... but they said by 3 weeks his gums will be straight across and should be completely healed!  They hope with in a year his front two permanent teeth should drop down into place!


  1. Poor boy! Were they just not falling out on their own? I'm sure his mouth was pretty darn sore after that. :(

  2. Working in a dental office and seeing this often enough up close one would think I would be used to it by now!! So good to hear he didn't have a horror story! Some kids handle it well while others have massive anxiety! What a trooper! He really is way too dang cute Tara... Missing teeth and all :)