Thursday, December 30, 2010


Tuesday morning Griffin got 4 teeth pulled out!!  His two front teeth and two extra ones (one still was up in his gums)  The dentist said he did great, and I asked Griffin if it hurt and he said no!  He got a couple stiches where the extra tooth was that they had to dig out of his gums.  He was crabby once we got home, which the dentist had warned me after the medicines start wearing off sometimes they get cranky.  But besides that he did great!  Grant took the day off of work to help out which was really nice! All in all I don't think Griffin thought it was all that bad to lose his teeth because the tooth fairy came!   I know this second picture looks pretty bad... but they said by 3 weeks his gums will be straight across and should be completely healed!  They hope with in a year his front two permanent teeth should drop down into place!

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Our family at my mom and dad's house for Christmas

Tyra 8 1/2 months

Tyra & Cousin Aubryn Camping ( 1 1/2 years old)

Grandma Deba with the kids
Me and My sisters!  So Excited that our sister Darlene and her family could come up from California this Christmas.

Where the adults sit and have dinner... The kids tables go down the hallway

Gannon with his Imaginex space shuttle

Gunnar with his shaking Tractor!

Gannon and Grandpa Rick with Gannon's transformer.  We had a great time at the Mouw Family Christmas.  Each of the boys got an Imaginex toy, Griffin the navy boat with airplanes, Gannon the space shuttle, and Gunnar the Toy Story 3 land fill.  Tyra was sleeping through the opening of most of the presents so I didn't get any pictures of her with her presents... but she got a little cabbage patch doll, and a stroller that she can now push all around the house!  I don't think it will be too long till she is walking!  One of the highlights of this Christmas party was all the grandkids played CLR.  (the one where each person starts with $3 and you roll dice to see where you have to put your money, in the end someone wins the Jackpot.)  Mikiya won round one, and Griffin won round two!  You would have thought he won the lottery.... a whopping 34 1 $ bills!!!  Which is the lottery to him, because $34 means he can buy a DS game!  We have been having so much fun with Chad and Darlene's family here for Christmas!  We really miss them!  December has been a very busy month with all the programs, parties, Christmas decorating, shopping and baking,  Griffin and Gannon have been doing Karate (which I gotta get a picture of), Grant coaching basketball and us going to the games, we got Gunnar potty trained finally! AHHH, sigh of relief... my last BOY potty trained!  I always am looking ahead thinking its going to get a little less busy, but it never ends up that way :)  Oh well, I guess I like things to look forward to!  Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 20, 2010


From top left to bottom right.  Avery, Lane, Riley, Logan, Griffin, Demi, Gunnar, Danya, Nana, Tyra, Papa, Daylin, Gannon & Kenya.

All my boys got "high jumping shoes" in other words Nike Shox!  I think this was Gannon's favorite present!  He loves new shoes!  He wore them all night and would see how fast he could run and how high he could jump! 

Gannon again with the new shoes!

Gunnar hidden behind his new remote control truck!  All my boys got remote control trucks!  Gunnar has been playing with his all day today... even though they each got their own.... they all happen to run on the same signal!!!  So they still end up having to take turns.  They are really powerful remotes, even if one kid is on the driveway outside with one, if another one does one in the house, they still end up controlling eachothers!  We will have to wait till the weather warms up a bit to go out with all of them and see how far apart they really have to be to not pick up eachother's signals.  They love them anyways!

This is what all of us kids and grandkids got for Papa and Nana this year.  The costco teeter totter!  (nana has been wanting one for the kids for a while) The kids played on it all night with just minor injuries :)   They had fun turning off all the lights and had the disco ball lights going in the basement while they teeter tottered.

Oh yeah, we played some games too!  The kids played gestures for a little while... but they were a little anxious to open presents.  Grant and I brought this game along (picture above of nana & papa starting off the game) thanks to our friend Kyle Boon for always coming up with these great games. :)  I don't think this game has a name yet, but I am naming it "Shake your balls till they drop!"   (object of the game... can't use your hands, just have to wiggle your hips till all 6 ping pong balls come out of the klenex box, first one out of balls wins) Papa and Nana had some creative moves on how to drop their balls.  We did guys vs. girls  spouses competed against each other.  We kept track of points between the guys and the girls... what was on the line for the winners and the losers?  Winners would get a whole day of pampering from the opposite sex at Crescent Bar this summer... Sad to say the girls LOST!  Have fun playing pickle ball at Crescent Bar guys... I think that will be your pampering, and we are the ones who cook everynight anyways :)  Maybe we will have a double or nothing match at Crescent Bar!   Grant and I are going to introduce this game to the Mouw side this year on Christmas eve.
I didn't get any good pictures of Griffin or Tyra at the Christmas party... Tyra went to sleep early, I thought/ think she has been teething, but finally after another sleepless night again last night I decided to bring her to the doctor to see if she had another ear infection... Yep, double ear infection, both ear drums bulging!!! UGH... At least she is going to see the specialist now, and should be able to get tubes in her ears in about 1 month!!!  Praise God for good doctors and cures for this type of thing!  Just pray I can get the antibiotics down her throat... she has already puked once with me trying to give her the medicine.   Thank you Nana and Papa for all the gifts and another great Christmas party this year!  We love you!

Sunday, December 19, 2010


We did our own family Christmas a little early (as usual)  I am an early shopper and so everything is always ready ahead of time and we are too excited to wait!  Plus grandpa rick and grandma deba's Christmas is usually Christmas eve and the kids get spoiled with lots of toys!  So if we wait to give them our presents till Christmas morning its total overload!!!
Griffin 6 1/2, Gunnar 2 1/2, Tyra 8 months, Gannon 4 1/2!

Tyra loved her stuffed bunny that came with the blanket we got her... We don't hardley have any stuffed animals around our house so she must have thought it was something fun and different!

Gunnar's big present was the big fire truck!  He can store his little cars in there and steer it around everywhere!

Tyra's musical scooter she seems to like!

Gannon got what him and Griffin have been asking for all year... A DS!!!  We teased Griffin and said they had to share it, he was okay with that but seemed a little dissapointed... So what did we find hiding in the corner... ONE more present for Griffin!  Another DS!

And as you can see they were as happy as can be!  Now off to the Dykstra side Christmas party tonight!  Tis the Season!

Friday, December 17, 2010


I figure I better stay caught up on all the blogging before the family Christmas parties start.  On Thursday I had to help in Griffin's class... Yep, they got to make gingerbread houses, and they got to decorate them however they wanted!  They also played musical chairs.

He did pretty good I think!

Friday morning was the elementary musical.  It was pretty cute.  I could tell Griffin wasn't enjoying the little white cape they had to wear.  He doesn't like things around his neck.  We all were waving at him, and of course Griffin had to pretend he didn't see us and wouldn't wave to any of us!  Pretty typical for Griffin to do. :)  Someday maybe he will claim his family!

Finally we are officially on Christmas break!  No more class parties, programs, packing lunches or getting up really early!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Gannon's Preschool Program

Of course boys can't just sit for a long period of time without touching their neighbor... at least this was before the program started!

Very bright lights were shinging on them at the High School Chapel

The program was adorable!  The preschoolers did so good doing all the motions and singing the whole time!  For some reason Gannon kept looking at the kids to his right the whole time... I am not sure if he could see teacher melinda over top of the girls bow in front of him :)  Griffin and Gannon also had their Christmas program at church on Sunday... I actually didn't get any pictures of that one, but they both did good and it was also a very good program!  Two classroom christmas parties and one more school program till we are OFFICIALLY on Christmas break!  I can't wait!

Monday, December 6, 2010


First Christmas Party of the month and many more to come!  This is the De Jager Christmas party... always the first Sunday in December.  This picture is of Grandpa Kakie and his Great Grandkids (except for Jeff and Shannon's 4 kids).  Grandpa Kakie has been fighting cancer I think for the past 1-2 years... he stopped all his treatments about 6 months ago and his last scans came back that the cancer hadn't spread or grown any further!  Praise God he is here to share the De Jager Christmas party with everyone and he seems to be feeling great!!

Grandpa Kakie and his 5 kids!

Tyra 8 months old with her Christmas outfit!

Griffin-6, Gannon-4, Gunnar-2 and Tyra -8months
One Christmas Party is over.  Lots more to come!  Plus all the kids Christmas programs, basketball games, karate starts this week for Griffin and Gannon!!! Busy month but it is lots of fun!  Hopefully we can hold out all the way till December 25 to give our kids their Christmas presents!  (I don't think we have ever made it to Christmas... Grant and I just get too excited)

Thursday, December 2, 2010


This is the Dykstra Side grandkids.  And Glen and Alice's Christmas Card picture!

One of the first attempts of our christmas card picture.


Our Christmas card for 2010... There are always HIGH HOPES AND DREAMS you have for your christmas card... But I have realized when you have 4 small children... When you got a picture with all 4 looking, its just going to have to work!