Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Family

She is so cute and innocent right?
WRONG!  She is almost 2!  I went downstairs one morning to make the boy's beds and came up stairs to find this.  Tyra got on the counter and helped herself to A LOT of peanut butter!
What? Did I do something wrong by painting the cupboard with peanut butter?
We are a Happy Family (well, for sure a happy husband and daddy)  GIANTS won the SUPERBOWL!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012


The kids got a WHOLE week off of school because Monday was Martin Luther King day and the snow came that day too!  The first two days were soooo nice... the kids played outside in the snow most of the days!  Then the next couple days were FREEZING and blowing  so those days we stayed in a lot.  By thursday we completely had CABIN FEVER... but Grant needed my car that day so we were stuck at home again!  We watched lots of movies, played some games, built legos, and rode scooters and played basketball in the unfinished basement thank goodness!
Go Giants!  We were rooting for them before they made it to the superbowl!
Tyra LOVED the snow... but we couldn't keep her gloves or hat on for  very long!
This picture isn't very clear... but this is our dog Ozzie who also loved the snow... however, his fur didn't agree with him... the snow just clumped and balled up all on his legs and his poor legs were soooo heavy!  He had to come in to defrost!
We built a Giant fort...
More legos...
The kids watching out the window when it first started snowing!
It was a fun week, but we were all ready to get out by the end of the week!  The next Monday was FINALLY back to school day... and it started out like this...  Griffin accidentally let our dog Ozzie out when we were going out to get on the bus... of course we couldn't catch him, the more we try the more he runs.  So as the bus pulls up Griffin and Gannon are waiting for the bus driver to motion them to cross the road... Ozzie comes sprinting for the bus and jumps up and goes on the bus!  Me (in my pajamas) had to get on the bus and go and get Ozzie off!  Pretty embarassing, but all the kids on the bus thought it was pretty funny!