Monday, March 12, 2012

We Are The Champions

We headed over to State Tournament in Yakima.  All 4 teams from Lynden made it to state which made it extra special!  LC Boys and Girls and Lynden Boys and Girls!  Gunnar- 3 1/2 Gannon 5 1/2 and Griffin 7 1/2... We left Tyra behind for one more year!
The Middle school/elementary kids had quite the cheering section!
All my boys right after the LC boys won the championship!  The boys thought the Big gold ball trophy was soooo cool!
The first day at state... before we knew we were going to be state champions!  Hope we can go every year until my kids play!  It was a blast.  They had so much fun swimming with all their friends and some cousins and thought the basketball games were pretty neat too!