Tuesday, July 31, 2012

First Half of JULY 2012

Happy 4rth of July!  We actually spent the 4rth of July out at Birch Bay during the day.  We came home in the afternoon and roasted hot dogs and marshmellos with our own family and put the kids to bed early because we were leaving for Crescent Bar on Friday... At Crescent Bar they were doing the 4rth of July parade and firework show on the Saturday after the 4rth!

Lots of swimming in the pool!  Griffin and Gannon can both swim well.  Gunnar and Tyra both did good with   swimming with their floaties on!  We have been going to Crescent Bar for 12 years now!  (I think we all didn't go just 1 year b/c we did a Disneyland trip with the Dykstras)  This was the first year in 8 years all my kids could be in the big pool!! (kids have to be potty trained to be in the big pool)  So it was much more relaxing for me this year not having a baby or a 1 year old stumbling around a pool!

Tyra finally sharing with Daylin "Boo-Boo"

All 12 Dykstra cousins... 1 on the way...

Our family waiting for the firework show to start
Griffin-8 Gannon-6 Gunnar-4 Tyra-2

Love all my babies but they are getting so big!

Nana with a few of her grand-daughters

Tyra's hair french braids!

The kids made a "treasure Island"

lots of dog piles and wrestling and girls chase boys... and a little bit of kissing cousins :)

The week after Crescent Bar was Lynden's Famous 3 on 3 Rasperry festival and basketball tournament.  Both Griffin and Gannon were in it... We started out the morning with some rain... luckily the boys didn't seem to mind and it did clear up by afternoon.

Gannon and cousin Logan... both on different teams but had the same uniforms

Griffin's team... Dexter Zylstra, Lane Dykstra, Griffin, and Tyler Sipma
These boys play ball so well together, it was so fun to watch!

Some little fans watching :)

Gannon and Cousin Trey on the same team

Gannon's team... Trey Bosman, Gannon, Dawson Bouma and Jeremiah Wright

LC vs Lynden... Lots of fun!
More of July to come.... way too much going on in the month of July!

Monday, July 30, 2012

A little busy and A LOT behind...

We have been SUPER busy since May basically.  I am going to try to catch up on everything...
This is Memorial day weekend.  We camped at the good old Burlington KOA and had one really nice day of sunshine.  It was also over Grant's 30th Birthday!

The girls brought him a brownie and sang happy birthday!

Birthday morning presents in bed in the motorhome

The nice picture Shawna and Shannon blew up for Grant's 30th and had it on the motorhome in the morning

For a family party all of the adults in my family and Grant's went out for dinner and then bowling.  It was a good time!

Griffin and Gannon played in their first soccer tournament together and got second place.  They were really excited to get their first metals!

Tyra just being Tyra decided to wash her own hair in the sink with foaming hand soap!

We combined Gunnar and Griffin's birthdays for a family party!  Gunnar is 4 and Griffin turned 8!

Griffin got a Blake Griffin jersey from Nana!
*A funny little story... In sunday school class one day I asked the kids, if you could have ANYTHING you wanted in your room what would it be...(in my class I had Lane, Crew and Griffin)  So Lane said a waterslide, Crew said a turtle and Griffin said a lady poster!  I about died!!! So what did Uncle Monty and Auntie Shawna get Griffin for his birthday???? A lady poster. A sports illustrated Kate Upton swim suit poster! Oh My!  Griffin was a little embarassed opening that present!  He did get a Blake Griffin poster with it also.  I didn't get a picture of this b/c I was video taping his reaction :)  They are both hanging in his room!  He is definately his father's son!

And a special present from the Nyhoffs... Uncle Mike made him a field goal post!!!
I cannot believe my boy is 8!!!! What happened to my cute little baby!  Griffin you are very independent and  you are nice to everyone.  You make yourself eggos or instant oatmeal for breakfast, you are still our earliest riser in the morning and always full of energy.  You still love all sports and love for anyone to play catch or any sports game with you. You aren't quite as shy as you used to be.  You are still pretty reserved.  We love you sooooooo much.  We are anxious to see what God has in store for you!

We had the family birthday party at our house and the next morning we left for vegas for Grant's 3rd 30th birthday party :)

We went to vegas with all of these great people!  Tyler Coston kind of met us there, but we went with zoo (nathan)  and amber, Zoerink and kyle and amy jackson

We had a great time spending $44 a night at the flamingo but using Caesars Palace 8 pools everyday!

Lots of fun and dancing at the Toby Keith bar

The day after we got back from Vegas was Grant's little sister Carla's wedding.  Here is a picture of Griffin he was a program passer.

Tyra a candy passer

Gannon ring bearer, and Gunnar bell ringer

Trying to get a christmas card picture but it definately didn't happen.  Gunnar was having one of his most stubborn moments and would NOT look up for ANY pictures.  He did do a perfect job later though of ringing the bell and walking down the aisle.

Oh man, this could really happen in 16 years... (if she gets married young like me) :)

Father's day was pretty nice we got to lay low for the day which we needed after the wedding and vegas!

But the following Wednesday Grandma Van Dam, Aunt Tracie, Aunt Sandi, Breanne, and Darlene and the kids came to washington and we went to Friday Harbor on the ferry!

We saw the harbors mascot, the one eyed seal

Me and my 3 sisters... we miss you so much dar!

Grandma Van Dam 80 years old and still going strong with all her great grand kids (except for my mom holding Tyra)

My mom and dad and us 4 girls

Tyra and cousin Aubryn... wish we lived closer so they could play a lot together!

Grandpa Rick and Grandma Deba with all their grandkids

Griffin also squeezed in a football camp with some NFL stars.  Michael Koenen and Jake Locker.  It was an awesome FREE camp!

Cousins Crew, Easton and Logan got to go too!

Griffin had two interceptions and threw a long pass while Jake Locker played with his team.
Well this was the end of May for you and all of June... July is coming soon!!!!!