Monday, July 11, 2011


The fourth of July, Papa Puff and Nana with all 12 of the grand kids.  I think this was either the 10th or 11th year for Grant and I coming to Crescent Bar!  The family has grown over the years... The first year we came Grant and I were still in High school and Glen and Alice only had one Grandchild!  I think every year on vacation a new grandchild was made :)

My four babies!  Not so baby anymore :(  It is kind of sad, but also nice.  This was the most relaxing Crescent Bar trip out of the last 7 years that I can remember!  All the boys were very content to just swim all day, and Tyra was happy to play in the baby pool and take long naps! EVERYONE SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!    If we make it back next year we will have FINALLY graduated all of our kids to the BIG pool! (they have to be potty trained to go in the big pool... I am assuming Tyra will be by then :))

Some of our lovely husbands getting to relax!  Greg, Grant and Jeff

Of course I had to get a picture of Tyra in each of her bathing suits!  Although the swim diaper kind of kills the cuteness of the swim suits!  Next year :)

Fourth of July!  I think we have been going to Crescent Bar over the 4rth of July for the past 5 years.  Good traditions for the kids!  Crescent Bar puts on a local parade... The kids love it because they throw candy to them.  Crescent Bar also does an AWESOME fire work show!

Yep another picture of her cute outfit and bows :)

My Big Man and little men going out to play pickle ball!

Out on the Crescent Bar driving range waiting for the fireworks to start!

THE WHOLE GROUP!!! This year was special for Cristina, Carla and Pedro... Their mom Martha came along to visit them for part of the time.   This whole group is great, everyone gets a long and has a great time together, the kids don't even fight at all.  Its great!  Hope there will be many more years to come!

Daddy with his baby doll.

Down by the river.  The kids love to go down there and dig in the sand and watch the boats and find rocks and shells!

GO LYNCS!  Thanks to Unlce Greg and Auntie Kelly for getting all the kids these sweatshirts for their birthdays this year!  The kids were having fun playing the game where someone whispers something in their ear to act out in the middle of our circle of chairs and then we have to guess what it is.  They also had fun playing the game "telephone"  where someone starts a message, and we see if it ends up being the same message from the start when it gets all the way around the circle... Of course Uncle Greg and Daddy had fun changing the message purposely.

Yep, these 4 again!  It is a FULL time job keeping their tummy's full, getting them dressed, doing their hair, putting on sunscreen, floaties, shoes... and of course trying to get all 4 to look at the camera and take a decent picture at the same time!  What am I going to do with myself in a few more years when they are all independent and in school?  Hmmmmmmm.... to weird to even think about, and to hard to imagine!  Maybe adopt?  I don't know if I will be able to talk Grant into adopting anytime soon... he is already telling Griffin not to have kids right away because he doesn't want to be a grandpa right away :)  I think he will change his mind in a few years... he loves those kids and is CONSTANTLY playing with them... pretty soon they wont want to play with him anymore and he will need something to do! 

You know who this is... our precious baby girl in another swim suit ! :)

And that other precious little girl, our niece Daylin.  She is soooo adorable with all her rolls!  WE hope Daylin and Tyra will be good friends... they are only 5 months apart... In this picture Greg and Grant were teaching Daylin how to set a screen for Tyra... B/c we already know that Daylin will be the post and Tyra will be a guard!  Just kidding, but that point really was brought up between the boys :)

Here they are again... we dress them cute, but really they just act like boys... In a couple more years they will probably only be seen in basketball shorts, t-shirts and pony tails with NO BOWS!

All our big studs from left to right, Jeff, Greg (Daylin on his lap), Papa Puff Daddy, Corby, Pedro, Grant, and Carla's boyfriend Jake.

TU TU CUTE... mommy is having TU TU much FUN!

The kids decided to make up some games on their own... Well I actually think it is because they saw a group of college kids there playing beer pong... so the filled some buckets up with water and tried throwing wiffle balls into them... then it led to spray bottles filling up the buckets and relay races!

One big happy family!  (except the one on the far right...)  He sometimes has attitude!  He didn't want my arm around him in this picture, as you can tell.

Ahh yes... this picture has grown too... I think the first time we did one like this there were only 6 grand kids... now it has doubled!!!!  A LITTLE STORY ABOUT THIS PICTURE I DON'T WANT TO FORGET... we took it early in the morning so there were a handful of people around the pool, but not packed... of course we make a bit of a scene just will all these little kids in the first place, then trying to get them all seated right, then 3 of us girls trying to yell, take pictures, splashing the water to get them to look, and the husbands trying to get the kids to look.  So all went pretty good... but when everyone got up Tyra got put down for a second and I was all the way around the other side of the pool... I see her start to head over to the edge of the pool, so I yelled "Tyra" well, she looked back but her feet kept moving... and as she is stepping off the edge uncle Greg was over there fully clothed, with shoes and socks... so I yell "GREG, GREG, GREG" kerplunk, Tyra went in, and Greg went in after her to rescue her!  She was fine, just a little shocked.  ( I wish I would have got a picture of the two of them soaking wet, but I wasn't thinking about that at the time it happened.)  At least the  people sitting around the pool had a nice little 9 am drama show to watch!

Another great week at Crescent Bar!  Hope to do it again next year!