Friday, June 24, 2011


One of Griffin's presents was this little guy "Ozzie"  a Mini Australian Labradoodle puppy 8 weeks old.

He also got a few pool toys, the game jenga, this swim/surf shirt, and daddy wants to take him to the mall to pick out his own baseball cap.  Since we have started camping all the boys seem to play baseball a lot more... a lot of the kids play it when we are camping.

Yep, Tyra LOVES her new "live stuffed animal"... shes the one I have to watch with Ozzie, she thinks she can carry him or sit on him or lift him by his curly hair.  He will be an easy going tame dog with her around (well lets hope he will)

Griffin got to have his cousin Lane over and his friend Tyler over for a few hours today for his real birthday.  We had pizza and cup cakes.

Oh yeah, and this boy Gannon is also in love with Ozzie... I keep having to remind him that Ozzie needs a break sometimes.

All the kids with our newest family member.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! WE LOVE YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH!  You have been a very on the go anxious, full of energy boy since the day you were born... even then you couldn't wait for anything, you had to come  3 weeks, 2 days early!  You are full of life always wanting to play with anyone who will play catch, golf, basketball, soccer, ride bikes, rollerblade, or throw the football around with you.  You are kind to others, you are a sweet oldest brother, and an awesome little guy to have around!  We cannot believe it has been 7 years already! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Thursday, June 23, 2011


We headed out to the Concret Koa over father's day weekend.  Uncle Mike couldn't come till Friday evening, so Stacy and the kids road with us in the motorhome.

Makes the trip go fast when you have friends "cousins" along to play cards with on the way there.

The Concrete Koa is really nice with a heated pool, baby pool and hot tub.  Picture of all the cousins who went, except for Gunnar.

Tyra was loving the pool!

Grandpa Rick and Grandma Deba rented this little cabin to stay in.

The HUGE jumping pillow... the kids loved it!  I guess when it is really hot out tke KOA shoots a sprinkler over it!

Candy/Dance party in the Nyhoff trailer

Out door movie night "Yogi Bear"

Baby pool

Saturday morning was a little rainy, but luckily it cleared up the rest of the day.  The kids didn't mind riding bikes through mud puddles.

The whole gang except for me behind the camera!  It was a fun time except friday night Tyra was up all night with a fever... She got another ear infection :(  Also I am ready to go camping somewhere really warm!  Next up Crescent Bar in CONDOS!!!  (luxury compared to the motorhome) and then Lake chelan in the motorhome should be fun camping in warm weather!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gunnar and Griffin's Birthday Party

We decided to combine Griffin and Gunnar's birthday parties because Gunnar's is May 15, and Griffin's is June 24... We had Tyra's in March and Gannon's in April... I think everyone would be a little tired of coming to our house once a month for a birthday party.  So we picked a date right in the middle... June 5.  We picked a great day!  70 degrees and sunshine!

Tyra, Kennedy Jackson, and Daylin Dykstra

My boys are getting big... Gunnar 3, Gannon 5, and Griffin almost 7!

Daddy with his little side kicks

Birthday boys

Waiting for everyone to get to the party... They were slip-n-sliding by 10am!

With all immediate family there is a total of 40 people!  Plus we had a couple friends!  I couldn't imagine it any other way!  Both Grant's side and mine are big families... we obviously love that or we wouldn't have had 4 kids ourselves!

Griffin got this pitch back from Papa and Nana... Daddy suggested thats what they should get him... I think he is tired of playing catch with Griffin all the time!  Now Griffin can pitch it and catch it himself!  Griffin also got a paddle ball set, some rollerblades, sports illustrated for kids, a baseball DS game.  He was a happy birthday boy!

The huge slip-n-slide is always a big hit... the kids can go on it for hours and hours!!

Mama and her birthday boys... Nana demanded my picture to be taken!  I guess the boys will know what their mom looked like... I am usually the one behind the camera

Trying out the new blades!

Gunnar got this from Grandpa Rick and Grandma Deba and Nana and Papa, he also got crocs, candy (which he was really excited about... he is my big time snacker candy boy), a camping chair, money, and a water paddle ball set.  He was also a very happy birthday boy.  The party was great!  We were so greatful for the awesome weather!  Its so nice when the 44 people can be outside!