Thursday, June 23, 2011


We headed out to the Concret Koa over father's day weekend.  Uncle Mike couldn't come till Friday evening, so Stacy and the kids road with us in the motorhome.

Makes the trip go fast when you have friends "cousins" along to play cards with on the way there.

The Concrete Koa is really nice with a heated pool, baby pool and hot tub.  Picture of all the cousins who went, except for Gunnar.

Tyra was loving the pool!

Grandpa Rick and Grandma Deba rented this little cabin to stay in.

The HUGE jumping pillow... the kids loved it!  I guess when it is really hot out tke KOA shoots a sprinkler over it!

Candy/Dance party in the Nyhoff trailer

Out door movie night "Yogi Bear"

Baby pool

Saturday morning was a little rainy, but luckily it cleared up the rest of the day.  The kids didn't mind riding bikes through mud puddles.

The whole gang except for me behind the camera!  It was a fun time except friday night Tyra was up all night with a fever... She got another ear infection :(  Also I am ready to go camping somewhere really warm!  Next up Crescent Bar in CONDOS!!!  (luxury compared to the motorhome) and then Lake chelan in the motorhome should be fun camping in warm weather!

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