Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sweet 16... months

Our little Tyra is 16 months old now. She is pretty fun.  She still loves to dance and seems to love animals.  She gets excited when she sees balloons, air planes, motorcycles, dogs and kitties.  She can say a lot of words now... mom, dada, grandpa, deba, papa, nana, kitty, puppy, balloon, duck,  hi, she has said all her brothers names, she knows what noise the cow makes, sheep, dog, cat, and horse.  She tries to sing along with any songs in the car... she is getting pretty good.  She can wave hi and bye and blow kisses.  She knows a little song her cousins taught her... lolly, lolly, lolly .... POP!  She does the motions with that one.  She is still go with the flow, smiles most of the time and rarely cries.  We love her sooooooooo much!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Lake Chelan 2011

Before Lake Chelan the boys had a grass fight in our field.  Our lawn mower had broke... so the grass had gotten pretty long before it was cut again.  They were having fun with the piled up rows.

Gannon's hair actually turned a little green!

We headed out to Lake Chelan... the first couple days were spent with our own little family there which was kind of fun... the older boys did lots of this "the skate park" with their bikes.  Griffin going up the jump. 

It rained one morning... thank goodness it was only ONE morning!  So once it dried up we decided to take the free trolley through the town.  The kids kept saying "when is the charlie coming"  here they are all waiting for their ride to come.

They thought it was pretty exciting!

Then the rest of the group came.  The Bouwmans, The Bosmans, and the other Dykstras.

The go carts!  Mommy and Gannon, Daddy and Griffin behind us!
Daddy and Gunnar... Gunnar thought he was pretty big stuff!

Grant the "PE Teacher" lining up all the kids for relay races.

Dance Party!!!

Tyra has a little coffee addiction like her mama.
Ice cream night
We rented a boat one day... Gannon loved tubing!

They also did a lot of digging in the sand.
Movie night in our motorhome "the karate kid"  Lane Dykstra, Trey Bosman, Brody Bouwman and Gannon and Griffin

We did the waterslides one day.  Avery, Brooklyn, Riley and Gunnar.

Mommy, Gunnar and Gannon doing a train down the slides.

Griffin and Lane going down one of the big slides.

Mommy and Tyra

Auntie Shawna gave Gunnar lots of motorcycle rides down the water slides.  He had to hold on to her thumbs and make motorcycle noises the whole way down.

Griffin and Gannon did most of the big slides by themselves this year... they can finally swim pretty good!

This was the only bad thing that happened on the trip...Gannon got stung by a bee... the stinger was left in until we pulled it out.  His foot swelled so big!!! The picture doesn't show how big it was!  He actually got blisters on the top of his foot from it swelling so big!  We called him big foot as he had to drag his big foot around for 3 days~!

Gunnar telling me to take a picture because he is riding with no hands (with training wheels)

Most of the group

Miniture golf!

Tyra was loving the bike rides!

Mommy with Gunnar, Griffin, and Tyra in the boat.  They thought it was pretty cool!

These pictures are kind of out of order b/c I can't figure out how to move them to where I want!  I am going to have to ask one of my blogging friends what the trick is.  (this picture is Gannon )Anyways... Lake Chelan was sooooo much fun!  Grant and I hadn't been there since junior high.  The kids had a blast!  Some of their highlights were... Riding on the "charlie", going to the waterslides, riding on a motorboat, going to the skate park, making rivers in the sand, and probably their favorite thing was riding bikes with motors that they made... by putting an empty waterbottle, can or plastic cup in between their bike tires to make a really loud noise when they ride on them.   We stayed 7 nights and actually it could have been a couple days longer... it was our first motorhome trip over the mountains... I have to say, I really enjoy camping in the sunshine... I think we will skip the local camping trips next year unless the weather is supposed to be great!  I'm pretty for sure that lake chelan will be an annual tradition for our family for quite a few more years!

Raspberry Festival 3 on 3 Tournament 2011

Gannon, Trey, Griffin and Jeremiah having Dutch Bakery Donuts in between games.

Gannon's team
Gannon, Trey Bosman, Brody Bouwman, and Jeremiah Wright

Griffin's team
Griffin, Duke O., Crew Bosman, and Cole De Boer


Gannon's team played a Lynden team for their very first game.

Griffin shooting

Griffin, cousin Lane, and Gannon.  Lane was on a different team this year.

Griffin's team and two other little boys teams the kids all know.

They switched uniforms for their "championship game"
Both boy's teams did really good this year for never playing together.  It was nice weather and was a lot of fun.  I am sure there will be Many Many Many more years of this tournament to come!