Friday, December 9, 2011


Our Tree... after 4 different sets of lights put on, taken off, returned.  Finally these ones worked and looked right!  Shopping done, presents wrapped, tree up.  Yep, sorry we don't play santa clause over here... I hope our kids don't ruin it for others :)  We will see how long we can last without opening presents.  Grant and the kids have been asking for a couple of weeks now!

Tyra with her new furry sparkly headband from grandma debba ready to go to daddy's basketball game!
She likes to do the fish lips lately!

Christmas Cookies

I loaded these out of order.  Here's the end result.  Yep I told them not to use too much frosting or sprinkles othewise they wont taste good. But what fun is that?  So they decorated them however they wanted.
Doing the decorating
Doing the baking AKA. Eating the dough (Gannon) :)  That is why I bake too... to eat the dough!

First Party of the Season

Great Grandpa Kakie De Jager side Christmas.  All the great grandkids get a gift from Kakie... this year all the boys got new nerf guns that shoot little green disks.  They all had such a great time playing with ALL of their cousins!
Tyra got a stroller and a doll.  She ripped the doll out of the box by her hair and tossed her on the floor.  She then went and found a football to put in her stroller, she pushed it around for 5 mins then only played with the buckle of the stroller. hhmmmmm... I wonder where she gets that from?  She has never seen anyone else play with a doll coming from a household of all  brothers!

Warm beach lights of Christmas not so warm...

Bruce the spruce (the talking Christmas tree)  Lots of TREEmendous jokes he has!
Auntie Shawna and Tyra.  Tyra was a trooper... IT WAS FREEZING... and she didn't take a nap that day.  She must have liked all the lights because she was happy  in the stroller the whole time!  None of the kids fell asleep on the way home either, including her.  I don't know what it is, but the kids got my sleeping genes... they don't need much of it!

Grandpa Rick and Grandma Deba met us there too.  They found us right before boarding the train!

Giant snowman

The night of the lighted Christmas parade we headed down to the Lights of Christmas at warm beach with the Bosmans.  I had heard so much about it we decided to go see it.

Way in the back ground of this picture you can see an awesome mountain with the moon all made out of lights.
I think everyone enjoyed the lights of christmas... besides it being really cold it was a fun time.  Each of you also got to ride a horse, except for Tyra!  Up next... CHRISTMAS PROGRAMS and PARTIES!


This Picture I quick snapped of Tyra before we had our FREE PHOTO SHOOT with Donnet Studio.  The contest that Tyra and Ozzie won!  Tyra let me curl all of her hair... but she didn't cooperate quite as well for the photographer, she wanted me to hold her the whole time.  A few of the pictures turned out in the end.  I will post them soon once everyone gets my christmas cards!

She already had her bath for the night... so I got her dressed in her pajamas and I let Gunnar get in the bath... as I am cooking dinner Gunnar starts yelling "Tyra is in the bath!!!"  this is what I found.  She acted like, what's the big deal? I'm just in the bath.

Thanksgiving... We went to my mom and dad's the weekend before thanksgiving, and to Glen and Alice's on thanksgiving.  What we are thankful for...
Our Health
Our kid's health
work, and my husband who works hard every day for us
christian school... the freedom for our kids to learn and talk about God there
Our Friends!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Halloween one by one

My computer is only allowing me to upload one picture at a time... so more to come.  This was Halloween this year.  3 Football players and a Cheerleader!  I think she felt a bit left out... she kept trying to put on the boys helmets before we left for trick or treating!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fall Fun!!!!

One nice sunny day we headed down the road to Bellwood Acres.  The kids had fun on the golf cart and picking apples with Grandma Deba!

And of course we made it out to Stoney Ridge!

I always think I am going to get the cutest pictures there, but somehow it never works that way!

The Pre-schoolers took a field trip to Kramer Farm.  Cousins Reese Nyhoff, Trey Bosman and Gannon picking their pumpkins... Gannon picked a small one for Tyra because she didn't get one from Stoney Ridge!

Gannon and cousin Danya Dykstra.  Lucky for Gannon he has 3 first cousins in his class!

Carving pumpkins at the Bosman's house with Jeff and Shannon and their kids too!

I will have to get an after picture from Shawna of all the pumpkins, I guess I didn't get one!  We have been busy with all of this fall stuff on top of kind of moving the boys rooms around.  Gannon and Griffin got new double beds and are moved into Gunnar's room, Gunnar's bed went upstairs to Tyra's room, and Gunnar moved into Griffin and Gannon's old room and is in their old bed.  The past week all 3 boys shared a room and actually slept good and liked it.  Today we tried to give Tyra her first nap in a bed... nope, she kept getting out and knocking on the door, so we took out the porta-crib and she slept just fine.  I will try again tonight to see if she will fall asleep in her bed.  The porta-crib is the last baby thing we have!  I have gotten rid of her bottles, diaper bag, and crib in the last couple of months and that was all that was left!  Up next... finishing the boys rooms and basketball season which our 7 year old Griffin says "I don't want to play basketball because I am just going to be a professional football player." I would also like to potty train Tyra!   NEVER A DULL MOMENT!

Saturday, October 1, 2011


I just decided to take my own sports pictures of the kids because Grant says he never looks back at all his YMCA and LYS pictures.  So this is how Griffin wanted to pose for his YMCA flag football picture!  It is his first year he could play flag football and so far he LOVES it!

Gannon got to do soccer again and is liking it more and more.  He really likes to do slide kicks, his coach likes him to stay on his feet!  (He did score a goal doing a slide kick)

Since Griffin did an action shot... Gannnon wanted to do one too!

Some of Griffin's team!

Gunnar and Tyra hang out at Bender fields just as much as their older brothers do... so sometimes they get to have fun at the park there!

Gannon, Jeremiah, and Treven racing for the ball!

Gunnar posing for his "school" picture!
So far this fall we have had good weather for being out at Bender fields... lets hope that keeps up for the last two weeks of soccer and football!

Saturday, September 17, 2011


SCHOOL!!!!! Gannon on the first day of Griffin's school heading to bring Griffin to school and convocation.  We actually all got in the car and were driving out the driveway when I remembered that we didn't take any pictures so I turned around and made the school boys get out so I could snap a few!  I guess that is what happens when you have four kids to get ready in the morning!

Griffin-7 years old FIRST GRADE

Griffin with his first grade teacher Mrs. Bouma.

Gannon-5 years old.  His first actual day of pre-school. 
So far school is going good for both boys.  Griffin has his first "real" loose tooth... he had 4 pulled but this is his first one that will fall out on its own.  Gunnar started kids club at church a wednesday night kids program... Gunnar's first time getting left in a classroom/nursery setting all by himself.  He was sooooo proud of the papers he made and his little sticker name tag that he wouldn't take off.  Now when we drive by our church he says "theres my pre school and Tyra can't go, shes too little."  Griffin has also started flag football this year which has been fun and Gannon is doing soccer again.

Monday, September 5, 2011

The week before school...

The week  before school started it was really nice weather so we took full advantage of the last week off before school!  We got together with some of my high school friends and their kids at the park.  Jennifer Branagh's kids on the left, Sophia and Brody. Then my four kids and Griffin is holdin Lexy Bendixen.  Lindsey's little girl.  Nicki and her son Royce were also there, but they took off before the picture was taken. It was so much fun catching up with these girls. I wish we could all get together more, and the kids.

We headed to Birch bay one day with some cousins.

It was perfect the water was way out so there was plenty of sand and puddles for skim boarding.

Tyra was having fun dressing in Grandma Deba's hat and sun glasses.

Gunnar, Griffin, Reese, Kiya, Brooklyn, Easton and Crew.
We also took the kids to homestead swimming one day, birch bay one day, the waterslides one day, the kids cousin Reese had a birthday party camp over so the kids slept in tents at her house, we also had a birthday party at Lake Whatcom for their other cousin Daylin... WOW it was a busy week but we thought we should soak up the sun for the last week we could.  I think Grant was getting a little tired of calling me everyday to see how we were doing and finding out we were doing something fun in the sun everyday!  Thank you for working hard so we can go and play! :)  All of the sudden summer was over and we had to switch to school mode!!!!