Friday, December 9, 2011


This Picture I quick snapped of Tyra before we had our FREE PHOTO SHOOT with Donnet Studio.  The contest that Tyra and Ozzie won!  Tyra let me curl all of her hair... but she didn't cooperate quite as well for the photographer, she wanted me to hold her the whole time.  A few of the pictures turned out in the end.  I will post them soon once everyone gets my christmas cards!

She already had her bath for the night... so I got her dressed in her pajamas and I let Gunnar get in the bath... as I am cooking dinner Gunnar starts yelling "Tyra is in the bath!!!"  this is what I found.  She acted like, what's the big deal? I'm just in the bath.

Thanksgiving... We went to my mom and dad's the weekend before thanksgiving, and to Glen and Alice's on thanksgiving.  What we are thankful for...
Our Health
Our kid's health
work, and my husband who works hard every day for us
christian school... the freedom for our kids to learn and talk about God there
Our Friends!

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