Thursday, October 18, 2012

Gunnar's first Bus ride

This was Gunnar's first time riding the bus... he was soooooo excited!  When I picked him up from school that day he said "the bus has no seatbelts, and I almost went flying off the seat!"  He loved it!  The bus does come bright and early, 7:30am, but its a pretty enjoyable ride for my kids...90% of their cousins ride on that bus!

Back to school... a while ago :)

First day of school 2012.  Griffin-8 second grade, Gannon-6 kindergarten, Gunnar-4 Pre-school, Tyra-2  really wants to go and thinks she is going!

Back packs

Griffin and cousin Lane Dykstra got in the same class.

Griffin got Mrs. Haan, who actually taught daddy too when he was little.  This was her first time having a previous student's kid!

Gunnar first day of pre-school, he was excited!
Gannon and cousin Danya Dykstra both in kindergarten but different classes.

Gannon and cousin Trey Bosman in the same Kindergarten class.   Trey got to pick his own clothes of what he wanted to wear for his first day of school :)
They are getting so big... Crazy to think next year they all can be going to school!

Monday, September 24, 2012


Seemed like there were a lot of full moons this summer!  This is our view from our deck.
We took the kids biking at whatcom falls.  They loved going on all the trails.
They love it when the tractor comes to mow our field!
The fair!  Some of the cousins
Gunnar and Reese 
Tyra was soooo excited to go on some rides
The boys making mud
Trying to get a good picture of the 4 kids
Love these kids to death!  Can't believe how big they are getting!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lake Chelan 2012

Gannon standing up on the board

boat rides
the boys vs. girls dance off

the worm

wave them around like a helicopter

the whole group

lots of digging in the sand


some of the girls

some of the boys
a few basketball games.
Chelan was so much fun as always!  But we are happy to be home now and enjoy the rest of summer!!!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

First Half of JULY 2012

Happy 4rth of July!  We actually spent the 4rth of July out at Birch Bay during the day.  We came home in the afternoon and roasted hot dogs and marshmellos with our own family and put the kids to bed early because we were leaving for Crescent Bar on Friday... At Crescent Bar they were doing the 4rth of July parade and firework show on the Saturday after the 4rth!

Lots of swimming in the pool!  Griffin and Gannon can both swim well.  Gunnar and Tyra both did good with   swimming with their floaties on!  We have been going to Crescent Bar for 12 years now!  (I think we all didn't go just 1 year b/c we did a Disneyland trip with the Dykstras)  This was the first year in 8 years all my kids could be in the big pool!! (kids have to be potty trained to be in the big pool)  So it was much more relaxing for me this year not having a baby or a 1 year old stumbling around a pool!

Tyra finally sharing with Daylin "Boo-Boo"

All 12 Dykstra cousins... 1 on the way...

Our family waiting for the firework show to start
Griffin-8 Gannon-6 Gunnar-4 Tyra-2

Love all my babies but they are getting so big!

Nana with a few of her grand-daughters

Tyra's hair french braids!

The kids made a "treasure Island"

lots of dog piles and wrestling and girls chase boys... and a little bit of kissing cousins :)

The week after Crescent Bar was Lynden's Famous 3 on 3 Rasperry festival and basketball tournament.  Both Griffin and Gannon were in it... We started out the morning with some rain... luckily the boys didn't seem to mind and it did clear up by afternoon.

Gannon and cousin Logan... both on different teams but had the same uniforms

Griffin's team... Dexter Zylstra, Lane Dykstra, Griffin, and Tyler Sipma
These boys play ball so well together, it was so fun to watch!

Some little fans watching :)

Gannon and Cousin Trey on the same team

Gannon's team... Trey Bosman, Gannon, Dawson Bouma and Jeremiah Wright

LC vs Lynden... Lots of fun!
More of July to come.... way too much going on in the month of July!