Thursday, October 18, 2012

Gunnar's first Bus ride

This was Gunnar's first time riding the bus... he was soooooo excited!  When I picked him up from school that day he said "the bus has no seatbelts, and I almost went flying off the seat!"  He loved it!  The bus does come bright and early, 7:30am, but its a pretty enjoyable ride for my kids...90% of their cousins ride on that bus!

Back to school... a while ago :)

First day of school 2012.  Griffin-8 second grade, Gannon-6 kindergarten, Gunnar-4 Pre-school, Tyra-2  really wants to go and thinks she is going!

Back packs

Griffin and cousin Lane Dykstra got in the same class.

Griffin got Mrs. Haan, who actually taught daddy too when he was little.  This was her first time having a previous student's kid!

Gunnar first day of pre-school, he was excited!
Gannon and cousin Danya Dykstra both in kindergarten but different classes.

Gannon and cousin Trey Bosman in the same Kindergarten class.   Trey got to pick his own clothes of what he wanted to wear for his first day of school :)
They are getting so big... Crazy to think next year they all can be going to school!