Friday, June 8, 2012

Catching up on spring stuff...

This was MOTHER'S DAY!  The best picture I could get!  We went to church then spent the day at home enjoying the 70 degree weather!!! Loved it!
Gunnar turned 4 on may 15!  How can my baby boy be 4 already???  Anyone who meets Gunnar both kids and adults seem to love him!  Even though he just turned 4, he acts like he is 8 and loves all of Grififn and Gannon's friends.  He is always smiling, and can give you a look with his eyes that can get him anything he wants!  Gunnar LOVES candy!  He is so excited to start pre-school next year and is really excited to ride the bus with his brothers.  We are having his birthday party on June 9.   (that way we can combine Griffin and his)  Happy Birthday Gunnar, we love you!!!
We have had some nice weather this may so the kids have been enjoying popscicles and playing outside lately!
This was the day before Mother's Day.  Me and my sisters (except Dar who lives in Calif) went to the Hearthfire for lunch and did a little shopping with no kids.  It was nice!