Monday, September 5, 2011

The week before school...

The week  before school started it was really nice weather so we took full advantage of the last week off before school!  We got together with some of my high school friends and their kids at the park.  Jennifer Branagh's kids on the left, Sophia and Brody. Then my four kids and Griffin is holdin Lexy Bendixen.  Lindsey's little girl.  Nicki and her son Royce were also there, but they took off before the picture was taken. It was so much fun catching up with these girls. I wish we could all get together more, and the kids.

We headed to Birch bay one day with some cousins.

It was perfect the water was way out so there was plenty of sand and puddles for skim boarding.

Tyra was having fun dressing in Grandma Deba's hat and sun glasses.

Gunnar, Griffin, Reese, Kiya, Brooklyn, Easton and Crew.
We also took the kids to homestead swimming one day, birch bay one day, the waterslides one day, the kids cousin Reese had a birthday party camp over so the kids slept in tents at her house, we also had a birthday party at Lake Whatcom for their other cousin Daylin... WOW it was a busy week but we thought we should soak up the sun for the last week we could.  I think Grant was getting a little tired of calling me everyday to see how we were doing and finding out we were doing something fun in the sun everyday!  Thank you for working hard so we can go and play! :)  All of the sudden summer was over and we had to switch to school mode!!!! 

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