Friday, September 2, 2011

The Fair

The weekend before the fair there was a golf tournament at Homestead.  All the kids had been wanting to sell golf balls to make money for the fair, so we thought it would be the perfect day.  Nice weather, and lots of golfers that we knew.  The kids did good, had fun, and made pretty good money. 

The four kids just when we got to the fair.  They all did really good this year.  They understand waiting in lines, waiting while mom and dad are talking to other people, and walking a lot!

Gunnar on a tractor... one of his favorite things.

My kids with their Bosman cousins shooting hoops at the Bellingham slam booth.  Griffin made his... so he got to spin the wheel and he won a ticket to a slam game!

Looking at the BIG mama pig and all the baby pigs.  Tyra thought this was pretty cool, however I think she actually got most excited about the cow barns!  Go figure... because we NEVER see cows.  (We live right next to a field full of cows) :)

Gunnar's first time on a roller coaster.  He did like it.  Gannon is in the far right of the picture.

Then the three boys went on the big roller coaster.

Cousin Easton, Gannon and Griffin

Easton and Griffin and Gannon and Mikiya screaming as they come down the hill!

Easton, Crew and Griffin on the Hang glider... not so sure if they are enjoying it...

AHHHHH, its all over and they are all smiles.  They all complained that it hurt their chest a lot!
It was another great year at the fair... I guess its getting a little easier each year with the kids getting older.  We also went to the Demolition Derby at night and the kids LOVED that.  The boys ask all DAY (and YEAR) long when we get to go to the derby... Grant's cousin Brent was in the Truck derby this year and his truck rolled over so they had to stop the derby... the kids thought it was so cool.  When it rolled over Griffin asked if the guy was dead!  The boys spent their money on a few games and they each got a brown leather bracelet with their names carved into them.

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