Saturday, September 17, 2011


SCHOOL!!!!! Gannon on the first day of Griffin's school heading to bring Griffin to school and convocation.  We actually all got in the car and were driving out the driveway when I remembered that we didn't take any pictures so I turned around and made the school boys get out so I could snap a few!  I guess that is what happens when you have four kids to get ready in the morning!

Griffin-7 years old FIRST GRADE

Griffin with his first grade teacher Mrs. Bouma.

Gannon-5 years old.  His first actual day of pre-school. 
So far school is going good for both boys.  Griffin has his first "real" loose tooth... he had 4 pulled but this is his first one that will fall out on its own.  Gunnar started kids club at church a wednesday night kids program... Gunnar's first time getting left in a classroom/nursery setting all by himself.  He was sooooo proud of the papers he made and his little sticker name tag that he wouldn't take off.  Now when we drive by our church he says "theres my pre school and Tyra can't go, shes too little."  Griffin has also started flag football this year which has been fun and Gannon is doing soccer again.

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