Saturday, October 1, 2011


I just decided to take my own sports pictures of the kids because Grant says he never looks back at all his YMCA and LYS pictures.  So this is how Griffin wanted to pose for his YMCA flag football picture!  It is his first year he could play flag football and so far he LOVES it!

Gannon got to do soccer again and is liking it more and more.  He really likes to do slide kicks, his coach likes him to stay on his feet!  (He did score a goal doing a slide kick)

Since Griffin did an action shot... Gannnon wanted to do one too!

Some of Griffin's team!

Gunnar and Tyra hang out at Bender fields just as much as their older brothers do... so sometimes they get to have fun at the park there!

Gannon, Jeremiah, and Treven racing for the ball!

Gunnar posing for his "school" picture!
So far this fall we have had good weather for being out at Bender fields... lets hope that keeps up for the last two weeks of soccer and football!

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  1. It's great seeing you guys so often now! Your team is pretty darn good- I think Carter felt a little discouraged! :)