Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sweet 16... months

Our little Tyra is 16 months old now. She is pretty fun.  She still loves to dance and seems to love animals.  She gets excited when she sees balloons, air planes, motorcycles, dogs and kitties.  She can say a lot of words now... mom, dada, grandpa, deba, papa, nana, kitty, puppy, balloon, duck,  hi, she has said all her brothers names, she knows what noise the cow makes, sheep, dog, cat, and horse.  She tries to sing along with any songs in the car... she is getting pretty good.  She can wave hi and bye and blow kisses.  She knows a little song her cousins taught her... lolly, lolly, lolly .... POP!  She does the motions with that one.  She is still go with the flow, smiles most of the time and rarely cries.  We love her sooooooooo much!

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  1. Love the pictures Tara! Great job! Tyra is so adorable.