Monday, August 8, 2011

Raspberry Festival 3 on 3 Tournament 2011

Gannon, Trey, Griffin and Jeremiah having Dutch Bakery Donuts in between games.

Gannon's team
Gannon, Trey Bosman, Brody Bouwman, and Jeremiah Wright

Griffin's team
Griffin, Duke O., Crew Bosman, and Cole De Boer


Gannon's team played a Lynden team for their very first game.

Griffin shooting

Griffin, cousin Lane, and Gannon.  Lane was on a different team this year.

Griffin's team and two other little boys teams the kids all know.

They switched uniforms for their "championship game"
Both boy's teams did really good this year for never playing together.  It was nice weather and was a lot of fun.  I am sure there will be Many Many Many more years of this tournament to come!

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