Monday, December 6, 2010


First Christmas Party of the month and many more to come!  This is the De Jager Christmas party... always the first Sunday in December.  This picture is of Grandpa Kakie and his Great Grandkids (except for Jeff and Shannon's 4 kids).  Grandpa Kakie has been fighting cancer I think for the past 1-2 years... he stopped all his treatments about 6 months ago and his last scans came back that the cancer hadn't spread or grown any further!  Praise God he is here to share the De Jager Christmas party with everyone and he seems to be feeling great!!

Grandpa Kakie and his 5 kids!

Tyra 8 months old with her Christmas outfit!

Griffin-6, Gannon-4, Gunnar-2 and Tyra -8months
One Christmas Party is over.  Lots more to come!  Plus all the kids Christmas programs, basketball games, karate starts this week for Griffin and Gannon!!! Busy month but it is lots of fun!  Hopefully we can hold out all the way till December 25 to give our kids their Christmas presents!  (I don't think we have ever made it to Christmas... Grant and I just get too excited)

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  1. Tyra's outfit was too cute... I think I took a 100 pictures of her! These pictures turned out really good, the 4 of them, that is a framer for sure! It was great getting together, we need to get the kids together more often!