Sunday, December 19, 2010


We did our own family Christmas a little early (as usual)  I am an early shopper and so everything is always ready ahead of time and we are too excited to wait!  Plus grandpa rick and grandma deba's Christmas is usually Christmas eve and the kids get spoiled with lots of toys!  So if we wait to give them our presents till Christmas morning its total overload!!!
Griffin 6 1/2, Gunnar 2 1/2, Tyra 8 months, Gannon 4 1/2!

Tyra loved her stuffed bunny that came with the blanket we got her... We don't hardley have any stuffed animals around our house so she must have thought it was something fun and different!

Gunnar's big present was the big fire truck!  He can store his little cars in there and steer it around everywhere!

Tyra's musical scooter she seems to like!

Gannon got what him and Griffin have been asking for all year... A DS!!!  We teased Griffin and said they had to share it, he was okay with that but seemed a little dissapointed... So what did we find hiding in the corner... ONE more present for Griffin!  Another DS!

And as you can see they were as happy as can be!  Now off to the Dykstra side Christmas party tonight!  Tis the Season!

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