Friday, December 17, 2010


I figure I better stay caught up on all the blogging before the family Christmas parties start.  On Thursday I had to help in Griffin's class... Yep, they got to make gingerbread houses, and they got to decorate them however they wanted!  They also played musical chairs.

He did pretty good I think!

Friday morning was the elementary musical.  It was pretty cute.  I could tell Griffin wasn't enjoying the little white cape they had to wear.  He doesn't like things around his neck.  We all were waving at him, and of course Griffin had to pretend he didn't see us and wouldn't wave to any of us!  Pretty typical for Griffin to do. :)  Someday maybe he will claim his family!

Finally we are officially on Christmas break!  No more class parties, programs, packing lunches or getting up really early!!!

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  1. captured my little guy blowing me a kiss. Ryker hated that cape too...and he also hated sitting there that long, could you tell? That was so cute though and I still can't believ they do the cape thing...I totally remember doing that when I was there age. Have a great Christmas...I can't believe how on top of blogging you are with 4 kids...I still need to put Fall blog post up. :) lol