Sunday, December 26, 2010


Our family at my mom and dad's house for Christmas

Tyra 8 1/2 months

Tyra & Cousin Aubryn Camping ( 1 1/2 years old)

Grandma Deba with the kids
Me and My sisters!  So Excited that our sister Darlene and her family could come up from California this Christmas.

Where the adults sit and have dinner... The kids tables go down the hallway

Gannon with his Imaginex space shuttle

Gunnar with his shaking Tractor!

Gannon and Grandpa Rick with Gannon's transformer.  We had a great time at the Mouw Family Christmas.  Each of the boys got an Imaginex toy, Griffin the navy boat with airplanes, Gannon the space shuttle, and Gunnar the Toy Story 3 land fill.  Tyra was sleeping through the opening of most of the presents so I didn't get any pictures of her with her presents... but she got a little cabbage patch doll, and a stroller that she can now push all around the house!  I don't think it will be too long till she is walking!  One of the highlights of this Christmas party was all the grandkids played CLR.  (the one where each person starts with $3 and you roll dice to see where you have to put your money, in the end someone wins the Jackpot.)  Mikiya won round one, and Griffin won round two!  You would have thought he won the lottery.... a whopping 34 1 $ bills!!!  Which is the lottery to him, because $34 means he can buy a DS game!  We have been having so much fun with Chad and Darlene's family here for Christmas!  We really miss them!  December has been a very busy month with all the programs, parties, Christmas decorating, shopping and baking,  Griffin and Gannon have been doing Karate (which I gotta get a picture of), Grant coaching basketball and us going to the games, we got Gunnar potty trained finally! AHHH, sigh of relief... my last BOY potty trained!  I always am looking ahead thinking its going to get a little less busy, but it never ends up that way :)  Oh well, I guess I like things to look forward to!  Merry Christmas!

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  1. Love the Christmas outfits! I was lazy this year in coordinating anything with my boys.

    You and your sisters look so much a like the older you get!