Monday, January 3, 2011

The Mouw Family

My oldest sister Darlene and her family were out here for Christmas so my mom had to wait till right before Christmas to take a WHOLE family picture! (she will be sending out a New Year's Card this year)  Family on far left is Chad and Darlene Camping with their 4 kids.  Then Monty and Shawna Bosman with their 3 kids, then my mom and dad, then Grant and I and our 4, then furthest right is Mike and Stacy Nyhoff and their 3 kids.  All 24 of us!  Love every one of them!  Really hate it that my sister moved to California, but when they got here it was like we all just picked up where we left off.  After this picture all of us sisters with our husbands went out to Scotty Browns along with some of Chad and Darlene's other friends who wanted to see them while they were up visiting.  My mom and dad handled ALL OF THESE kids overnight!  A HUGE thanks to them... on top of that one night we all hung out at their house every day the whole week of Christmas just to visit with Chad and Dar.  SO thanks mom and sorry for all the things our kids broke, stained, or spilled!  I am sure my mom is still cleaning up messes!

My Mom and Dad with us girls

Grandpa Rick with the grandsons... starting from the left, Trey, Crew, Easton, Brody, Gunnar, Griffin, and Gannon

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My Mom and Dad with the 14 Grandkids!!!  Two Christmas's ago we thought they had the perfect dozen of grandkids... Us kids even bought them a picture clock for Christmas that year, each grandkid got a number on the clock... little did we know there was an extra present under the tree for grandpa Rick and grandma deba... it was a baby doll with a note taped to it reading "grandbaby # 13 due in july"  everyone looked at me, then to stacy, then to shawna and finally to Darlene! yep, Surprise Surprise!  (precious baby Aubryn was born in July)  Then I couldn't let Darlene be the only one with 4 kids, so we added number 14!  This year there was no announcements, no extra presents under the tree.   Maybe this picture will NEVER get outdated!  Well my oldest neice Chantel is 18... so maybe in a few years there will be a Great-Grandbaby? :)

My mom with all the granddaughters... from left to right, Faith, Reese, Tyra, Aubryn, Chantel, Mikiya and Brooklyn.
I love my family and am so THANKFUL for each and every one of them!

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