Sunday, January 9, 2011


New Years Eve was very low key this year which was GREAT after all the Christmas stuff we had on top of Grant coaching.  We picked up pizza and some movies and relaxed!  Gunnar still likes to hold his baby sister's hand a lot and she must be used to it because she doesn't seem to mind.  (when she was in her infant seat, basically since she was born whenever we were in the car he would be holding her hand, (he sits next to her carseat)  Now even though she is in a big car seat I find them holding hands a lot!  It's pretty cute)  They were both on my lap watching the movie we rented for the kids "the tooth fairy" and they were holding hands for a long time)


This girl is still as sweet as can be.  I couldn't have asked for a better baby.  Through karate and basketball games she is pretty much happy just to sit on my lap.  NONE of my boys were EVER like that!  She crawls everywhere, stands up by everything, walks around things while holding on, pushes her little stroller and scooter and just recently will stand holding on to nothing.  She hasn't tried to take any steps on her own yet, but each day she is getting braver.  I just noticed today her FIRST tooth popped through, her bottom right one.  She has continued with her ear infections and we just saw the Ear Nose Throat specialist last week... she will be getting tubes put in her ears in the next 2-4 weeks (the scheduler needs to call me to coordinate a time).  Tyra babbles a lot, mama,dada,nana.  She has learned to clap and wave bye bye now.  I can't believe in less than 3 months she will be 1!  I have already been thinking about her birthday party... I guess I am a little anxious to plan a cute girly pink one for once!  Other than that around here life is busy busy... school back in session, doctor appointments, trying to get organized for the new year, Grant still coaching, us trying to make it to games, Griffin and Gannon started YMCA basketball, keeping up with Gunnar and potty training... He has been trained for about a month now... the problem is he really only likes ME to help him go to the bathroom... he is almost embarassed to ask other people to help him.  So when I leave him at other people's houses he still sometimes has accidents! FRUSTRATING!  but we will survive!  Hope everyone has an awesome NEW YEAR!


  1. Gunnar holding Tyra's hand is the sweetest thing ever....So precious!

  2. So cute that Gunnar is loving his little sis! I can't believe she's almost 1 already. Time goes too fast. Yes our house flooded, we are still living here :( and hoping to figure out a plan to "rebuild" this or move back to our new house in Sumas. Other than that so busy with work and Royce is so busy himself, he really keeps us on our toes! Fun though. Well enough said, have a great day!