Sunday, January 30, 2011

Its A Start!

I took the photography class today and it was great!  I actually can take a decent picture without using auto mode on my camera!  I have LOTS of practicing to do... but for now here are a couple of Tyra I took when I got home from the class... I think she will be my hardest one to take pictures of at the moment, she will not stand or sit still for a second!  Tyra will be 10 months tomorrow.  You will notice her runny nose on the pictures... we are on hopefully our LAST antibiotics for her, she just started them for another ear infection... one week from tomorrow she will be getting tubes in her ears and hopefully they will be infection free forever!


  1. Good work! You have a very adorable model at home...Love her hair. I learned so much today, although there is only so far I can go with my camera. Glad it worked out that we could take the class together!

  2. Oh my gosh, where did your baby go?? She looks so grown up! Glad you liked your class...very cute pictures!

  3. Cute pictures! Love Tyra's hair. Where did you take the photography class? I've been thinking I need to take one since I got my new camera.