Monday, February 7, 2011


We got out this little basketball hoop for Tyra and all the boys had to gather right around her to "show her how to shoot a basket"  it was pretty cute.  They all sat there for quite a while, Tyra was pretty intrigued!

Gannon's first time doing YMCA basketball.  He is doing pretty good, he has a really fun team with lots of kids he knows.  Hopefully I can get a team picture soon.

Griffin's 3rd time doing YMCA basketball.  He is doing good also, and also has a fun team with cousins and friends from school.  (again I need to get a team picture)

YES, both boys are purple #4!  Griffin had his first practice (When they got to pick their jerseys)  then Gannon had his... he was first handed #3... and his coach asked "do you want to be that number or a different one?"  Gannon said "#4"  Not sure if its because he is 4 years old or if it is because his older brother picked #4.  They have been practicing a lot, and Gunnar is playing basketball with them at home a lot too.

We went to Papa and Nana Dykstra's house to watch the game... the little boys spent most of their time doing this  "The Wii"  its actually an old XBOX but they are very entertained by it.  My kids have 4 basketball games a week, Grant coaches a couple games a week on top of coaching practices, we also hit the Western vs St Martins basketball game on Saturday night.  We took the boys and most of the LC boys varsity basketball team went along with Roger, Jill and the De Boer little boys.  So our boys had fun watching the game with them and also playing in the gym upstairs behind the bleachers. It was fun going back seeing some familiar faces of fans that were there when Grant played there.  Brought back lots of memories of going to LOTS OF GAMES with Griffin in my tummy, as an infant, as a one year old, Gannon in my tummy, Griffin as an almost two year old!  Then Grant finally Graduated!  Griffin has been to a lot of games in his little lifetime already!  The boys actually do really good at games now and they like to go along.  We left Tyra behind with Uncle Greg and Auntie Kelly which was really nice for me because I spend most of my time at my boy's games chasing her off the court and keeping her entertained!  It will be nice when she is at a good age to take along... Then I am sure we will be going to LOTS more games!  Tyra also got tubes put in her ears this morning.  Everything went great.  The doctor said her ears were so full of gunk he had to suction for a really long time.  He said she should be super happy now to have cleared out ears, but also so be careful the first time I start the vaccuum around her or any loud noise because she is definately going to be able to hear better!  She actually took four steps tonight! Maybe my sister was right... She told me today... maybe Tyra will just wake up and start walking tomorrow... because a lot of the stuff behind your ears controls your equalibrium (sp?)  I guess I will have to wait till tomorrow to see how many more steps she will take!  Oh yeah, and it was really cute the boys were soooo concerned about Tyra and the surgery. She was sleeping when they got home and they kept begging to go in her room and see her.  They kept asking if she cried a lot when they put the tubes in her ears. She finally woke up so they went in her room and she was so excited to see them too!

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  1. Tyra will be shooting and scoring with the boys in no time, I can't imagine growing up with 3 older brothers, oh the things she is going to learn! So glad the tubes went good, it is so amazing to see how fast they start working. SLEEP, finally!!! :)