Thursday, February 24, 2011


Go Lyncs!  Hopefully we will be on our way to the State tournament next week in the Yakima Sun Dome!  This is a picture of Gunnar I took with my new lense I got for my camera!  (I antiqued the picture)  I am getting better and better at using my camera in the manual mode, however I hate indoor pictures and right now that is our only option since today it is 25 degrees outside without the wind!  Its Freezing!!! I am ready for spring and 70 degree weather which doesn't come till summer around here!  Maybe Yakima will be warmer :)  I have been wanting to get some good pictures of Tyra since she is almost 11 months, but she is on the move and she walks about half the time and crawls half the time.  Once again it is cold to have her outside and she gets dirty out there within 5 seconds because she still crawls a bit.  Last week I took the older two boys to the LC girls and boys district games in Lynwood.  It was so much fun!  The boys had fun with some of their friends there from school.  and I had fun since I didn't have the younger two to deal with!  I wish I would have brought my camera... they were decked out in Lyncs gear along with their blue hair!  I will have to take a lot of pictures at State! (assuming we will make it)

Trey and Gannon playing basketball before their brother's game

Griffin's basketball team!

Gannon's basketball team!  YMCA basketball is over!!!! YEAH!!! It was fun and both boys improved and both teams improved by the end.  That always happens... once the season is almost over it starts getting fun and they start playing better together as a team.  Oh well, we will be back there next year!  It was a little exhausting taking all 4 kids to the games.  Gunnar was great (clinging to my leg) besides having to take him on all the bathroom trips to go pee because he would sit by me drinking a water bottle the entire game.  Tyra was the hard one... the first couple games she was just entertained sitting on my lap... but that got old for her real fast.  She wanted to be out on the court or playing behind the basketball hoop.  I am actually looking forward to soccer season where it is OPEN FIELD and Gunnar and Tyra can roam freely.  (as long as the weather warms up)  Both boys had lots of kids they knew on their team which made it really fun for them and me to have friends to talk to during the games!  We have two birthday parties this weekend... Klayton Jackson's at the Jump Zone on Saturday and Easton and Mikiya Nyhoff's at Chuck E Cheeses on Sunday!  Grant will be gone overnight tomorrow at the LC boys game!  Hopefully next week we will be on our way to the State Tournament!  One of these days our lives wont be so busy right?

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