Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Go Green Alligators!!!

They are called the Green Alligators.  The team includes Griffin and Gannon, and cousins, Demi Dykstra, Lane Dykstra, Trey Bosman, and 2nd cousin Ryan Levein and some other kids!  We actually don't have Trey anymore because he broke his arm this week :(
Griffin and Gannon's first time on a team together.  Gannon's first time playing any YMCA sport.  They don't seem to mind playing together, Griffin even prayed the other night "thankyou God that Gannon could play good in the soccer game tonight."  It was pretty cute.  I think Griffin will always be looking out for his little brothers and sister.

Gannon is 4 (so he is a little young to be playing, but they let him anyways,) and Griffin is 6.
I think this is all they really want to do.  TACKLE TACKLE TACKLE!
Griffin keeps asking how old he has to be to play football!  So far soccer is going good this fall... we have only had one practice where it poured down rain the ENTIRE time!  Hopefully I will get some action shots during some of the games to post soon!

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  1. Who did you talk to to stack the team! ;) haha looks like fun! We can't wait for that stage.... busy but fun!