Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Falling Into Football Season

Gannon and Griffin put on their football pads and gloves to practice their football skills.  Grant made them give me their mean faces! They are loving all the football stuff, all the boys got to go to the LC Sehome game at Civic field on Friday night and thought that was great!  They play tackle and football a lot at home, even though they just had their first soccer practice today.  Next year Griffin will get to choose, soccer or football, and I have a feeling it will be football.  I can't forget to leave Grant out in all this football talk...  he is SO EXCITED for this coming Sunday, the first Giant's game!  He had to go buy an apple I pad so he can sit in the lazy boy with his I pad, checking his fantasy football all the while he is watching the Giant's game on the big screen and watching the "other teams" on the kitchen tv that he can see from the lazy boy!  I guess there are far worse things he could be addicted to. :)
Grandpa Rick and Grandma Deba stopped over this weekend and grandpa started this "throwing the boys onto the trampoline thing" which they can't get enough of!  I had to snap some pictures because the sky was so blue and it was "kind of" warm and sunny.  Gotta get out while we can before the cold wet winter comes!  This one is of Gannon
Even Grandpa looks a little scared about the landing!

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