Friday, September 3, 2010


First day of school... Griffin-6 (full time kindergarten) Gannon-4 (pre-school)
Gunnar-2 and Tyra-5 months
Gannon- Pre-school
Griffin & Lane
So excited to be in the same class, and sitting at the same table
Griffin and his teacher Mrs. Thomas.  His first day went good, although he came home with a headache, and wasn't very happy that they couldn't go outside for recess (b/c it was pouring down rain) he wouldn't come to the dinner table to eat, so he went and laid in our bed and crashed by 6:30pm!  I couldn't believe it, school wiped him out.  Day 2 was WAY better.  They got to go outside on the BIG playground 3 times for recess and he didn't come home with a headache!  Griffin and Lane said they played soccer against 4 other kids and it was only the 2 of them, and they won! :)
Gannon and his teacher Melinda... I was trying to tell Gannon to say MA-LIND-A... b/c he would always say "teacher linda"  and he said " I will just call her teacher mud"  His first day went good, he said he liked it, and of course his favorite part was recess!
Waiting for the bus to come!  They had been waiting all week to ride it, but I wanted to bring them to their first days of school :)  Griffin likes to ride his skateboard to the gate and leave it there, so that when he gets off the bus he can ride it back to the house!
I was so mad, b/c my camera wasn't cooperating when it first pulled up... I could have had a great picture... maybe next time :)  You probably can't even see the two of them, but they are in the very front seat right above the stop sign.  Next stop was to cousins Avery, Riley, Logan and Lane's house,... and the last stop is picking up cousins Brooklyn, Crew and Trey.  And Demi is already on the bus with them.  So my kids have 8 of their cousins on their bus!  So far their favorite parts of school have been recess and the bus ride.  They get on at 7:30 in the morning and Griffin doesn't get home till 4 in the afternoon!  LONG DAY!  He says the bus ride is really short (he must be having fun)  We will see how long that attitude towards the bus lasts :)  I am exhausted and excited for Saturday when we can hopefully sleep in and stay in our pajamas for a while :)
P.S.  Anyone interested in listening to Gunnar for a while  when the kids are at school are more than welcome... I have been hearing SERIOUSLY about 100 times a day... "wheres Griffin? Wheres Gannon?  One time he even said "wheres Grant?"  and when I tell him "at school, he says "why," and then it starts all over again!

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  1. Your kids are WAY too stinkin cute Tara! How crazy the time have two in school? Where does it go!