Wednesday, August 18, 2010

 Gannon went on the hang glider... I think he was almost too little to go on, but he went on... He didn't cry, didn't throw up and didn't smile.  He said he liked it.. he wanted to see the picture of him that I took and when he saw it he said "thats not me, why did you take a picture of that guy"  he is in the background :)
 We finally got Griffin to go on a "big kid roller coaster"  He liked it, but didn't go on it again.  He went on with Gannon and cousin Lane.
 Daddy with the boys at their favorite part of the fair... The demolition derby!
Gannon, Griffin, Lane and Riley at the derby!  All in all it was a very great and hot (90 degrees) day at the fair!  Glad we don't have to go back till next year!

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