Friday, August 27, 2010

viva las vegas august 2010

We went to vegas with these three other couples, Nathan and Amber Zoerink, Kyle and Amy Jackson, and Kyle and Jennelle Boon.  It was a GREAT group of people we had an awesome time. Getting Starbucks everyday, Laying around by the pool from 8 am to 4 or 5 pm.  Playing volleyball and basketball in the pool.  Hanging out in the hotel rooms, walking around, shopping, going to great dinners and lots more!  It was sooooo much fun and we will definately do another trip with all of them again!
Grant and I at my favorite hotel... The venetian.  All the hotels were AMAZING to see, but for some reason this one I loved the most.
The guys loved challenging other people to games of basketball and volleyball.  I think they kicked everyone's butts!
This was a night out to Caesar's Palace for dinner.  Kyle and Amy didn't make this picture b/c they were off seeing the dolphins at the mirage.  They met up with us later!
We had a great time together without the kids for once, although we both agreed we couldn't leave them for longer than 5 days :)  Gotta start planning another trip now that its back to school, changing diapers, cooking dinner, laundry... oh and the cold wet weather!

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