Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Tyra is already 4 months old!  She is a very good baby, my best by far, my best sleeper...Maybe because she is a girl?  However, she is far from perfect when she has an ear infection!  I had high hopes that my girl wouldn't follow her brother's patterns of chronic ear infections till 10 months old and they could get tubes put in... but she has out done her brothers.  (the doctors tell me its hereditary) ... Maybe I should have figured that out before I had 4 kids!  Just kidding.  All the boys started with ear infections AT 4 months old... Tyra is on her 3rd ear infection and she JUST turned 4 months old!  I pray that the ear infections will just stop... its not very fun giving medicine twice a day for ten days, not to mention the runny diapers that come with it.  But on the otherhand I am a pro at knowing exactly when my kids have an ear infection, (my doctor is willing to call in a prescription over the phone sometimes because I think I have only been wrong about them having an ear infection twice out of all four kids ) dealing with the ear infection, and getting really good at taking all 4 kids to the doctors office. ( I can't get a baby sitter every week to take someone to the doctor... I would rather save my babysitters for a fun day out :)  Once she is on her medicine she is a happy, go with the flow girl.  She loves to give wide open slobber kisses (my boys call them) and is already going through the "I am scared of a strangers face stage."  She so far has been a blessing to our family and I keep dressing her in all these cute outfits she has, always a headband or bow in her hair... because once she is old enough to figure out her brothers never have to wear that stuff, I am sure she wont wear it either!

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