Monday, March 7, 2011


Grant and I took the three boys to the State Basketball tournament this year.  We left Tyra behind because she would have wanted to climb up and down the stairs the whole time.
They boys getting pumped up for the game :)
Chase De Boer had his 4th birthday party the last day of state in their hotel room.  Not a bad way to host a birthday party... rent a room for the day... have a party... check out... let someone else clean up the mess.  I am SERIOUSLY thinking about it :)
It was nice and sunny the last day at state and we had to waste some time before the Championship game so we went to the park to let the kids get some play time since we spent most of the time in the gym and hotel.
The Nintendo DS kept the kids entertained most of the games :)  We didn't let them take theirs to the championship game, but they had fun watching their cousins play.
De Boer boys and our boys
Group of kids up at the top of the Sun dome watching the game and playing DS's.  It was a fun trip, the boys did really really good.  Gunnar is only 2 but he doesn't like to leave my side out in public so it works out really well in places like this :) As long as he had a few snacks and a turn with the DS every once in a while he was GOLDEN.  The boys loved the hotel room running around with kids, playing nerf basketball in the deboer boy's room, going out for dinner, going on the alligator (elevator), and watching the championship game.  They actually got into watching the girls championship game... Gunnar was cheering, Griffin said to Grant " I am going to be pissed off if we lose"  (don't worry we told him not to say "pissed off" anymore, doesn't sound good coming from a 6 year old.) At least his emotions were in the game :)  Gannon was even watching the other team foul our team a lot, and telling us exactly where our player got hit and fouled :)  Everything was great EXCEPT for our car getting broken into, $500 getting stolen from Grant's wallet, along with his cell phone, and our kids DVDs we had along.  (I saved my cash from working for a while so we could use it for the hotel room and any extra costs at state... ended up being an expensive trip, could have gone to Hawaii... but the kids probably wouldn't have had as much fun there. That part of the trip SUCKED.  We went into a store for 15 minutes and came back out missing all of that!  I guess we learned our lesson about Yakivegas... Its not safe!  Good Job LC girls for making it to the CHAMPIONSHIP!  Now my boys keep playing basketball at home saying they are in the CHAMPIONSHIP!

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