Thursday, March 31, 2011

No More Babies!

I have been trying to get a good picture of her all day, but she doesn't stop moving!  So this is as good as it gets:)
1 Year ago today Tyra Alice Dykstra came into our lives.  What a surprise to see a baby girl born into our family!  The year has gone by soooo fast.  She was a pretty good baby for having tons of ear infections!  Since she got her tubes put in her ears she pretty much always sleeps through the night, has made it through a cold now with out it turning into an ear infection! AMEN!   She has been walking since 10 1/2 months (so now she can almost run and lately she tries to jump)  Oh yeah, the other night she wasn't going to sleep in her crib she just kept talking, so finally I went in there and I found her trying to get her knee up like she was trying to climb out!  I am seriously PRAYING this wont happen anytime soon!   She is a spunky girl, her hair says it all :)  I just can't cut it even though the top keeps growing more than the sides and back... it just fits her... wild and crazy.  She is so sweet with her leg crossing, dancing with her singing dog, cuddling with the kitties, but she also is wild and "plays" soccer, (kicking the ball around the house), knows how to make a basket on her little hoop, tackles her brothers when they are doing a dog pile, and LOVES to get dirty and play outside in the sand and dirt.  She knows how to say dada, momma, nana, kitty (she just makes the K sound), she knows how to do so big, wave bye bye, blow kisses, if you ask how old she is she holds up 1 finger (we have been practicing for a while )  Whenever the ABC song comes on she really trys to sing along.  She just popped another tooth through, so she has 3 total!  This age is my favorite, so now I will begin to get sad about her growing up :(  We are so happy we have her in our lives.  Happy Birthday Tyra we love you!

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