Friday, November 19, 2010


Griffin's kindergarten class did a little Thanksgiving program and Feast!  It was very cute.  They sang about 4 songs... my favorite sung with the tune to jingle bells... dinner bells, farmer yells, turkey got away!!! It was adorable.  They also recited most of Psalm 100, with sign language... his teacher says they will know all of Psalm 100 by February!!! (Griffin furthest one to the right of the picture)  This is the only picture I got because I was video taping the whole thing for Grant to see.  He is learning sooooo much in kindergarten already! 
Heres a small list of funny things I want to remember...
One night I told Griffin, "no more PSP today"  he said "mom, stop treating me like I am a one year old!"

He comes home every day from school SUPER DIRTY and his sox and shoes SOAKING wet and STINKING!  He just put a hole in his second pair of shoes for the school year so far!  They play soccer every recess, rain, snow or sunshine! *To all the teachers...My son does own jeans... I just don't dare let him wear them to school!* (afraid they will come back stained and with holes)
He wants to lose a tooth soooo bad that I told him the dentist was going to pull one out after Christmas and he was happy because his cousin Lane already lost a tooth and the tooth fairy gave him $5.00!  (Griffin really is getting 4 teeth pulled on Christmas break!!! His two front teeth, plus 2 extra ones he is still up in his gums above the other extra one!)  Hopefully it doesn't ruin his Christmas break.~Thanks Shannon... Now I am going to have to fork out $20 from the tooth fairy!    Griffin finally got 1 tooth when he was 1 year old... so who knows how old he will be when one of his really falls out!  Every day he is convinced that his tooth is wiggiling... everyday its a different tooth.
I haven't asked him lately who or if he still has a girlfriend... I will have to ask him soon!

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