Monday, November 1, 2010


Happy Halloween!  This year all the kids were some sort of animal!  We have Gunnar-2 the chicken, Gannon-4 the shark, Tyra-almost 7 months the kitty, and Griffin-6 the dinosour/lizard/comodo dragon?  We weren't 100% sure what his costume was, but it was cool and scary!  We started out the afternoon/night at 3:00 going to Nana and Papa Dykstra's, then to Grandpa Rick's and Grandma Deba's house for dinner.  We drove to Auntie Marge's and to Grandpa Kakie's house.  Then we went Trick or Treating walking around homestead!  The kids did great this year!  They got good at YELLING Trick Or Treat when someone came to the door and saying THANKYOU after they got candy!  They went trick or treating with their cousins Easton, Kiya and Reese Nyhoff!  Some of the funny things were...  This REALLY old man came walking up to his (glass) door they were trying to trick or treat at... But he was old and waddled and had really wild sticking out everywhere hair... so by the time the old man got up to the door to open it, all the kids ran away b/c they were scared!  He did kind of walk like a mummy.  We felt bad so finally Uncle Mike walked the kids up there and the old man did have candy ... it just took him a REALLY long time to get it!  Of course Griffin would hang behind the pack the whole time b/c some people were dressed in scary costumes when they opened the door to give out candy.  We had told the kids that we could go to a haunted house (Tommy Zylstra's Garage)  and while we were trick or treating thats all they talked about ... Gannon wanted to go to the "smokey house"  (spooky house) and Griffin wanted to go to the "hunted house"  (haunted house) ... so finally the Grand Finally was going to the HAUNTED HOUSE.  Gannon made it through with Grandpa Rick and of course Griffin didn't go in, he just peaked through the doors and that was enough.  Gannon kept saying " I scared Tommy I said BLAH to him"  Next year I want to go again and scare Tommy, when can we go to the "smokey house" again.  (Tommy had a scary mask on and was hiding in the garage)  We also stopped by Auntie Jennie's house on the way home at about 8:15!  All their baskets are SOOOO full!  They had a great time and are already talking about next year's costumes!

Some of the Mouw cousins... Gunnar, Crew, Griffin, Reese, Brooklyn, Tyra, Trey, Gannon, Easton & Kiya
The kids with Great Grandpa Kakie