Friday, November 5, 2010


Griffin is in Kindergarten this year all day everyday in Mrs. Thomas's class and we have heard from the teachers that this class is not one of those classes that the boys think the girls are gross or the girls think the boys are gross... supposedly they all like each other. I finally started to ask Griffin questions about the girls because my sister in law Shannon Dykstra filled me in that the girls chase the boys at recess and try to kiss them.  (her son Lane is also in the class)  So I asked Griffin and he said that yes they chase him and kiss him and I asked him if he kisses them and he said no.  So periodically I will ask him if he has a girlfriend and usually he says yes, its Abby and Abby is Lane's girlfriend too.  So I had to help in Griffin's class a couple weeks ago and Abby happened to be in our group.  Griffin would copy EVERYTHING Abby would do to her paper and they would just look at each other and smile. ( I was dying inside, it was so funny to watch that)   Other girls would come up to Griffin and whisper things in his ear.  So last night we asked Griffin if his girlfriend was still Abby and he said "no, we broke up"  So I asked "did you break up with her or did she break up with you?"  and he said "I broke her heart,  Oh and she threw up during rest time."  I was trying not to laugh because I didn't know he knew what breaking up was or any of that.  (and I am also wondering what the throwing up thing had to do with it, if she threw up and he thought it was gross so they broke up, or if he really thought he broke her heart and that is why she threw up?  I may never know!  So then I asked him if he had another girlfriend and he said yes and I asked who and he said Kali.  And I asked if she had kissed him before and he said yes!  I cannot believe this is happening in kindergarten... its all fun and games right now but someday its going to be scary!!!  I guess I will have to pray a lot!  We asked Gannon if he has a girlfriend and he gets pretty embarrassed about it and says he can't remember her name.  And one more thing... Gunnar has a girlfriend he sees every morning of the week.  She rides on Griffin and Gannon's school bus.  I would guess she is in junior high, she rides towards the back of the bus... she started waving to him the week of school while we are waiting for the bus to pick up the boys.  So we told him it was his girlfriend and now every morning he talks about his girlfriend and he says " I go wave to my girlfriend"


  1. Wow a snapshot of what I get to look forward to, all of these boys and their girlfriends. That is too funny, Griffin, such a shy little guy, but already knows how to get the ladies!

  2. Oh my oh my oh my!! Girl we are in big trouble! I think we will need to have coffee sometime!! These little ones are going to give us a run for our money!!