Friday, October 15, 2010

A little bit about Gannon

Gannon is 4 years old.  He has always been pretty independent as far as doing things himself... "I do it"  he has been saying that since he was 18 months old.  At 18 months old he wanted to get undressed himself, and get dressed himself.  It was very annoying at times when we were in a hurry, but he did do it.  He will work at things for a long time until he gets it right.  At 18 months old he would also hang from a door nob with one arm and reach up with the other arm to unlock a dead bolt.  My dad came over and had to put special locks on the tops of all our doors to the outside because he was always escaping! Now Gannon climbs in trees all the time and sometimes gets stuck.  One time I was watching through the window and saw him hanging upsidedown from a tree hanging by his pants!  (no joke)  So just because I have a fenced in yard, does not mean that my kids are safe!  On the other hand Griffin and Gunnar are not made this way... they like help and get frustrated in a hurry if things aren't working easy for them. ( I think they get it from their dad... Grant is not a mr. fix it)  Which I think I have finally come to terms with... he may not fix things, or get things done.  But he is the best dad in the world to our kids and gives them more attention and play time than any other dad I know!  This post is a reminder for me #1 because it is time for me to start pushing Gunnar to start undressing and dressing himself.  #2 because now Gannon is 4 years old and just learned how to tie his own shoes!!!  He learned last week...  we had ordered some books through school, and one was how to tie your shoe... I ordered it to try to teach Griffin how to tie his shoes.  But of course Gannon has been our child who has always been in love with hand cuffs, ropes, chains... anything that has to do with "getting locked up and trying to get out"  (he always wants us to tie him up, so that he can try to get loose)  Anyways, Gannon was the one who was interested in the book.  The side of the book comes with a picture of a shoe with a red and blue lace in it. So as I was getting ready to go somewhere I was in the bathroom and he was messing around with that book... So I showed him a couple of times how to tie it, and all the sudden he walked into the bathroom and said "mom, look I did it"  I wasn't expecting it to be right, but when I looked it really was right and it was pretty tight.  I couldn't believe it!  Once Griffin saw that Gannon did it... he tried too, but got frustrated right away and started crying because his little brother did something he couldn't do (it doesn't happen very often around here, so I thought it was pretty funny) :)  Griffin is slowly getting it, but he is left handed so it is a little harder for me to show him.  Alright I have rambled on, but I know these little milestones in our kids lives I will forget if I don't write them down!


  1. I loved this post!! That is cool that Gannon is so independent. He even rode his bike without training wheeels when he was 3 right? A go getter! I love that kids are all so different and we can appreciate them. He might end up teaching Grant something someday too :)

  2. Gotta love the competitive spirit! haha I was the exact same way with Rudy! Gannon sounds like a quick little learner!