Friday, October 8, 2010


I told the boys they could go outside to play while I watched them through the windows... and pretty soon this is what I found... so I snuck up on them to take a picture... as you can see they thought they were in trouble.. even Griffin's face on the one below he looks confused "like why is she taking a picture, we know we aren't supposed to be doing this"  It was cute for a while and I let them have their fun, but later when I checked on them again, they had brought the hose into the garage and they were hiding from eachother trying to spray eachother.  Then the fun was over and no pictures were taken!  They soaked everything in the garage!  So if anyone who reads my blog ever gets a chance to get out to my house... forgive the yard... we definately don't have one of those "nice Lynden yards." However we do have 3 boys that will eventually be doing most of the yardwork, for now this is how they do it!

And this is how my little Tyra wakes up every morning.  Her hair has tons of little swirled up knots in it!  She must be a wild sleeper!  I am getting a little nervous for 6 months from now if her hair grows this much more... how many more knots I will have to deal with.  She doesn't seem to mind me going through combing them all out in the morning.  She will be a tough girl!  This is all new for me...  glad I only have one I have to do this to in the morning!
Just had to take a picture, because I know I will forget these days if I don't! :)

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