Friday, May 6, 2011


I got to go to Mother's Day Tea in Griffin's classroom on Thursday.  It was sooooo cute!  The kids and moms all had to be dressed up and when we came to the classroom our kid came out with a flower and we got our picture taken together.  Then their classroom was all set up with white table cloths and fruit flowers, it was adorable.  This picture he drew of me and him :)  I guess I have big lips :)  The kids took us into the gym to do a dance with them.  Thenwe got to watch a slide show of TONS of pictures of the kids throughout the year... looked like they had lots of fun!  After the slide show the kids had to serve us moms with cake and juice.  Then it was time to open presents...

Griffin's face getting blocked by the fruit display.
Griffin and Sofia Rader

The little presents we had waiting for us

The butterfly magnent he made for my fridge.

A calender with different hand print pictures for each month.

The card Gannon made at school

I do not know why this picture turned out sideways... but Gannon did a really good job on the bunnie's face I thought.  Its been a good Mother's day so far and the real date hasn't even come yet!

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