Sunday, May 15, 2011


Happy Birthday to our baby boy Gunnar!  I cannot believe he is 3 already!  I can barely remember him as a baby!  I remember calling him the tank because he drank a lot of bottles!  Gunnar is our loudest boy, he seems the most aggressive too.  He loves tractors, any sport someone will play with him, he loves being outside riding his skitter, jumping on the trampoline, or playing with water and dirt.  He is our biggest snacker/ candy lover... if he gives you his "sad eyes" look, he can pretty much get away with anything!  He is our smartest boy at this age... he pretty much knows all his shapes, letters and lots of songs... including a couple of his favorites "yooo hooo"(by gwen stefani) and hey now your an all star...  He likes to get attention from all his older cousins by making them laugh at him when he does naughty things.  We love you SOOOOOOOOOO much Gunnar!  Happy 3rd Birthday!

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