Sunday, April 29, 2012

a 2 year old GIRL ...

I was expecting a perfect little girl that tells on her brothers... well that hasn't happened yet!  She gets into just as much trouble as they did, maybe even more!  She is pretty good and easy going most of the time... but when she does want something, or wants to do it herself, or doesn't want to do something... she will let you know, and she won't give up... a little like her mama...   It probably doesn't help she is the baby of the family... so sometimes we just give in to her!
She was pretty proud of this powder mess she created while I was on the phone with the cell phone company!... It could have been a lot worse... she has tried changing her own poopy pants numerous times before I even knew she had pooped... its a BIG mess when she tries that!  She also loves to try to feed our cat and dog... lots of times there have been heeping mounds of dog food on our floor!  She knows how to use the scissors to open her own go gurt, and the other day I caught her on the counter using a very sharp knife to cut open a banana.  She likes to find ink pens and color all over herself and her clothes.  Yes I watch her... but I can't stick with her EVERY second of the day.  Say a little prayer for Tyra's safety! :)
Oldest brother Griffin-7 and Tyra before church one morning!  HE is a very protective big brother to all his siblings!
She isn't ALWAYS naughty... she is a little ham too!  LOVING THE LITTLE GIRL CLOTHES... obviously!
AND THIS PICTURE YOU SEE RIGHT HERE... IT NEVER HAPPENS... I THINK THIS IS THE ONE AND ONLY TIME IT HAS!  She hasn't taken naps since she was 1 1/2!  There are still some days that I try, but no luck... she doesn't need much sleep... another thing just like her mama.  She RARELY ever falls asleep in the car, even if it is late at night!   I couldn't believe my eyes when I walked out of my room to find this one day... she actually fell asleep in daddie's chair while watching a movie!!! 
She keeps me busy that is for sure!  But I am glad... next year all 3 boys will be getting on the bus for school!  Some days it will be just me and her!  WAY TOO CRAZY to even think about! 
We love this 2 year old girl so much!

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