Wednesday, January 18, 2012


My Grandpa and Grandma Mouw ready for their Grandson's wedding!
Daddy and Gannon loving the plane ride!
Tyra loved her first plane ride.  She was cracking up when it took off, she thought it was quite the ride!
It was Gunnar's first plane ride too, and of course he loved it!
Grant and I and our kids and my mom and dad ready to go to the wedding.
Me and some of my first cousins on the Mouw side, Including the groom Ryan Kroes
The boys were a little bit shy to dance, but Tyra danced the night away.
You guys LOVED swimming everyday while we were there.
This court was at our hotel room, so you guys got to go out and play on it one day.
My uncle Rocky and Aunt Ruth-Ann dressed up for their 70s theme new years party.  Rocky got served a fake cockroach for a joke!  We all went to Mexican food on New Years Eve
All the guys at Rocky and Ruth-Ann's on new years day.
My mom and dad and my dads mom and dad GG Mouw
The kids on the shuttle on the way to the airport.  Tyra is a little INDEPENDENT and wanted her own seat every where we went.  We went to Boise Idaho for my cousin Ryan's wedding. The kids did so great on the trip with all the traveling and staying up late and staying in a hotel room.  It was so great to see a bunch of family we haven't seen in a long time!  A little funny thing I didn't want to forget about the trip... The boys thought it was so much fun to take the elevater by themselves so we let them a lot of the time... we would wait at the 2nd floor for them to get off.  One time Gannon was going to take it by himself up to the 2nd floor.  Finally after 5 minutes he comes walking up the stairs... "the elevater is broke, I keep pushing #1 and the door just opens"  We laughed so hard.  We said " Gannon, you were on level 1 and needed to push #2 for it to go up"  I guess Griffin only let him push the buttons going down so he always thought he had to push #1!

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